The Marginal Way has been in existence for almost 50 years and this first 500 foot section has been kept open to the public due to the generosity of Joe Littlefield and his family.

The Oarweed has been proudly serving fresh boiled Maine Lobster from our salt water tanks for over 30 years.

Lobsters go through a natural shedding of their shells each year. In mid-June through the fall, they begin to shed their shells for new soft shells. When this occurs the lobster has to grow into its' new shell so the meat tends to be smaller and more tender with a higher water content. Larger lobsters don't shed their shells annually and their shells tend to be quite large and lose much of their red pigment thus, when boiled, may have some black coloration on the shells. This in no way effects the taste, however larger lobsters may have a stronger flavor and may not be as tender as small ones.

We take great pride in pleasing our guests and gladly try to accommodate any special requests. Please feel free to ask for anything that you may need. We greatly appreciate your feedback and comments.



 Welcome Back!

Well, winter was, to say the least, ridiculous. Short days and bitter cold are behind us. Now we look forward to sweet salt air carried on warm gentle wind, a long walk on the Marginal Way, and strolls over the bridge to the art museum, to sit on the rocks and listen to the gulls and the bell buoy.
  We at the Oarweed are busy scraping and painting—sprucing up our old lobster barn. A fresh coat of urethane and a cast of Oarweed favorites will welcome you again this season. After all these years, our family has grown, alumni and patrons alike...lots of familiar faces, that's what the Oarweed is about!
   With all the news of the past six months, take a break, and meet us at the Oarweed, where a bowl of heartwarming chowder or an Oarweed rum punch awaits you! —Your host (and court jester) Jeff

65 Perkins Cove Road Ogunquit, MAINE 03907
Questions or comments? Email us at or call the restaurant at 207.646.4022

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